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Raising Wildflowers

I am a Mom, Wife, Seamstress, Herbalist, Coach...jack of all trades, and master of none. We have a little 6-acre homestead on the Sun River. Most of my days are spent tending to my garden and greenhouse. Feeding and caring for all of our animals. We have cows, horses, ducks, dogs, cats, bees, and way too many chickens... I coach track and volleyball in the evenings and weekends. I try to spend a few hours every day in my studio. It is usually a complete disaster that makes sense to only me. I have piles of fabric just waiting to be turned into something great. Tons of house plants everywhere and cuttings waiting in mason jars. I am easily distracted by all the vintage goods I have gathered while thrifting. They are scattered throughout the studio waiting to be listed. I dabble in herbal remedies for family and friends. I enjoy creating earth-friendly products that look amazing and are also very practical and reusable. I want to put out goods that help people become more self-sufficient and earth-friendly.Always trying to find the balance...


212 Main Street, Polson, MT



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