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Native Ideal Seeds

Whether your project includes hundreds of acres or just your backyard, it’s important to take a minute and think about the benefits that native seeds provide.

In general, native refers to any plants here before European expansion into the western U.S. began in the early 1700s.  In other words, native plants evolved over millennia in the windy, harsh, variable conditions of the West.

  • Sealed seed packets contain a variety of qty of seeds
  • Detailed planting instructions Included

Native Ideals Seed Farm grows high-quality, native wildflower seeds that save water, conserve pollinators, and improve wildlife habitat. Their vision is to create a water-conscious agricultural setting that is both economically and environmentally sustainable while, at the same time, helping maintain the vanishing agricultural character of western Montana.

They grow and harvest all their seeds on a farm in western Montana and establish their fields with seeds collected from healthy, wild Montana plant populations. These wild origins are preserved through growing techniques and harvesting methods to maintain their natural resiliency and wild traits. By focusing on xeric species, they believe their products will only become more relevant as freshwater becomes increasingly scarce over the next century and more people continue to draw on this finite resource.

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