Busy Bee Metalworks

Busy Bee Metalworks creates wearable art. A piece transforms from an industrial beginning into something delicate, polished and beautiful a “metalmorphosis." The styles make a statement, evoke beauty and foster confidence.

Rebecca Mann is the designer/artist behind Busy Bee Metalworks. It began while she was living in Juneau, Alaska where she began taking some community art classes in silversmith. Montana quickly called her home, a Red Lodge native and now resides in Hamilton. Her art has grown from a hobby to a one woman handcrafting shop.

Her work is hand cut with a jeweler saw from high quality sheet metal or wire, formed by hammering, twisting or manipulating into shape, further transformed by soldering, texturing, and polishing. She enjoys working with sterling silver, copper, brass, gold fill and reclaimed material. Her work is characterized by rustic polish and captivating texture for either a daily wear or for a special occasion.


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