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Salad Servers

Wood salad servers are a must-have for serving perfect portions of your favorite leafy salad. They can grab large or small portions of delicate greens and other healthy bits. Pair them with your favorite wooden bowl for an elegant dinner party or everyday use. These will last generations and excel at serving pasta dishes. These salad tongs have a simple, minimalist style yet are supremely functional and feel natural to grasp. They are one of those tools that are just a pleasure to use. - Sleek, utilitarian design for unmatched versatility. - Thin enough to store in a drawer or display in your utensil crock.

  • 13.5 inches long
  • Made from hard maple
  • Add on some wood oil for care and maintenance.

Earlywood, making the best kitchen utensils and wooden spoons is not good enough. We meticulously design each tool in hopes that the craft, intention, and love we put into our work will inspire your culinary experience. Whether you are a home cook preparing quesadillas for the under-five crowd or a seasoned chef serving sous vide, Earlywood's wooden kitchen utensils suggest culinary intention that makes every part of every meal just a little bit better.

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