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Inner Tube Card wallet

Card: the minimalist wallet with maximum function. Made from locally sourced road-worn inner tubes, diverting potential waste from landfills.Identical front and back, it holds up to 10 cards with room for a couple of folded $20 bills slid into a card slot.

  • Two inner pockets
  • Two card slots cut on the diagonal for easy use
  • Wallets vary slightly due to their upcycled nature
  • 2.65" x 3.5"

Up Line specializes in crafting eco-friendly wallets, bags, and accessories. Their products are environmentally conscious and designed to meet their high standards. They offer minimalist, solid, functional wallets and biking-friendly options made from post-punctured bike tubes. Their hand and messenger bags are fashionable and functional, crafted from repurposed vinyl signs. Despite the quality of their goods, Up Line ensures their prices are fair and accessible, honoring their time without breaking the bank for their customers.

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