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Cherrywood Orchard

Welcome to Cherrywood Orchard, nestled in the heart of cherry country between the Mission Range and Flathead Lake. Our orchard isn't just about producing delicious cherries; it's a woman-owned, family-run operation deeply rooted in a love for the earth and a commitment to sustainability and conservation.At Cherrywood Orchard, we believe in the power of regenerative farming. We tend to our land with care, nurturing not only cherry trees but also a legacy built on principles of environmental stewardship. By prioritizing soil health and biodiversity, we've implemented a holistic approach to growing that ensures our orchard remains vibrant and resilient.  We've created a nutrient-rich foundation for our fruit to thrive using cover crops and locally sourced compost. But our commitment continues beyond there. We're constantly adapting and innovating, embracing new techniques and technologies to ensure the vitality of our orchard for generations to come.  It's not just the taste of our Skeena sweet cherries that sets Cherrywood Orchard apart; it's our dedication to sustainable practices and the health of our land. Join us in savoring the fruits of our labor and supporting a vision of farming that nourishes both people and the planet.


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