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Gratitude Ceramics

Gratitude Ceramics is a local studio in Missoula, MT where we make beautiful slab-built functional objects for everyday household use and enjoyment!

The works are all handbuilt by me and begin with a sketch. The designs represent abstracted memories that are significant to me. The forms are also fully drawn and conceptualized on paper before they are started in clay. The making process brings the two-dimensional drawing to life. I create all my functional works from slabs with a few simple tools. I apply underglaze to the parts I want to accent and after the bisque firing, I utilize a wax resist process along with the final glazing application. I like to keep my contribution to the process strategic and minimal as to highlight the natural and subtle complexities that occur during glazing and firing. I use low-fired earthenware because it utilizes a smaller footprint and I feel deeply drawn toward the origins and properties of red clay. If you’re still reading this, thank you. My work is free from perfections and is meant to bring joy.

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