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Katalyst Holistic Life Coaching

I started my coaching business in 2019 to help people who were experiencing their own catalysts of change to a deeper calling. My love for knowledge of holistic health and ancient medicine helped me to create a practice that caters to the individual by empowering them towards their journey of whole health. With a focus on nutrition, spiritual counseling, and yoga therapy, I facilitate healing programs for the body, mind, and spirit. My fascination with plant medicine and aromatherapy led me to develop my apothecary branch to bring more wholeness into the home. Things such as candles, body scrubs, lip balms, inhalers, bath salts, herbal tinctures, and teas. I aim for my products to be primarily plant-based, ethically and sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, and to have reduced use of any plastic or non-recyclable materials. Small batches are made, and custom orders can be created at live shows.


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