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Hyalite Candles

We make Hyalite Candles in Bozeman, Montana, USA with your health in mind. All ingredients are natural, organic, vegan and sourced from the Earth. Each candle is hand poured in a reusable container with 100% USA grown soy wax, high quality fragrances, essential oils, natural aromatic ingredients (collected from plants, flowers, and fruits), and love. Our candles are infused with hemp-derived oil to promote relaxation and to help give you peace of mind.
Each candle will subtly fill your space with a relaxing aroma and you will enjoy all the health benefits of the hemp plant without feeling high. Our products are drug test safe, 100% phthalate free, and excellent for meditation.
Spark a Hyalite Candle today and begin your journey to a more balanced mind and body!


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