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Hailey Elise Art

Hailey is an artist and graphic designer from Bozeman, Montana. Living in a mountain town near Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks provides plenty of inspiration for her vibrantly layered work. She enjoys rendering detailed interpretations of wild places, using landscape as a vessel for exploring deeper thought.

Hailey's work mixes medias to utilize paper, collage, wood, acrylic painting, gilding, and other techniques; it melds the analytical with the organic. She's inspired by geology and the physical evidence of Earth’s systems at work. Through landscape she explores themes of memory, experience, passage of time, and (im)permanence.

Hailey has a BFA in Graphic Design from MSU, and works as an Exhibit Graphic Designer for Museum of the Rockies. Her clients include the Access Fund, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, Sunday Afternoons Hats, and Gilson Snow. Her work has appeared in Climbing Magazine, and she has artwork on permanent display at Outlaw Brewing.


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