Rose of Sharon LLC

Sharon rose was born a maker. As a child, her dreams of becoming an artist were never crushed, but celebrated, and she was always found making whatever she could, to give away to friends, family, and strangers alike. After moving to Missoula from Canada in 2010, she married Joshua, and together they formed Rose of Sharon LLC.

One of Joshuas lines of work is beekeeping, and I've been making what I can with the honey and beeswax. Even though I dabble in many crafts, lately I have been focussing more on what makes me happy, and that includes:

Fiber arts--dyeing and hand-spinning yarn, weaving, silk painting.

Jewelry--metalsmithed elegance, quirky and fun.

Bee apothecary--salves, chapstick, beeswax wraps (a saran-wrap alternative). If you find our booth, you may even find some paper crafts (letterpressed cards), christmas ornaments, and possibly some woodworking! We also love to upcycle and reuse as much as possible!


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