RockArtiste is a handmade artist specializing in Painted rocks, pet memorial portraits on stone from your photos, fairy garden terrarium miniatures, mandala stones, wooden trinket boxes, dot art canvas wall art, seasonal glass and birch wood tree ornaments. I started painting rocks one rainy day when I needed a new hobby, and an activity that would exercise my hand-eye-brain coordination. - So I bought a book about painting on rocks....and what began as PT and a pleasant distraction became my new career as the "Rock Artiste". - Being an artist has allowed me to travel and meet people I would never have met otherwise. I have a wee bit of my-artful-self all over the world. - Carrying rocks around for 18 years from the river to shows, and markets has developed great bone density! Who would have thought? And it all started from one good book on a rainy day...


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