River Pines Horse Sanctuary

River Pines Horse Sanctuary provides forever homes to abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted horses.  We provide healthcare, a herd setting for each horse, retraining when needed, dignity and respect for each horse, and humane euthanasia when appropriate.

When rehabilitated, horses often give back to the community by participating in our Equine Guided Experiential Learning Programs and Workshops:  
  •  Horses for Hope - Suicide Prevention
  •  Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills Building(for at-risk populations,
  •  Veterans, Survivors groups, etc)
  •  Resiliency Empowerment Programs for individuals, groups and families
  •  Leadership
  • Nature Immersion
  • Sentient Horsemanship
  • Crafts Night
  • Movie Night
  • Special Projects

Our two-day volunteer training is offered monthly April-November.  Volunteers learn basic sentient horsemanship skills, horse care, and some facility management tasks.  They participate in special projects such as fencing, construction fundraising, community nights and more.

We will be selling hand made Horse themed art and crafts made and donated by our volunteers including horsehair jewelry, horseshoe crafts, original art, woodcrafts, handmade halters, ceramics and repurposed items.


Join the fun & support local art

Join the fun