Project ASCENT

Project ASCENT is a program that introduces our youth to outdoor educational opportunities. Our mission is to help children increase their awareness and understanding of their natural environment; to support educators in their quest for the skills and materials essential to help learners know and care about their environment; and to educate the public about environmental issues, and outdoor recreational opportunities. During each camp participants experience a thrilling new adventure, such as rappelling or kayaking, while gaining important information the safety measures that are crucial to having a positive experience. They learn about things that can affect these activities, like fish identification during a fly fishing excursion, wildlife preservation during an exploratory hike through an ancient forest; and leave no trace while setting up base camp on a mountain lake. These experiences increase self-esteem and confidence, while invoking ambition and passion for being in the outdoors.

ACTIVITY // We will be hosting free fly tying lessons throughout the day, with three or more stations set up, a short instructional lesson will be given on how to tie one of the more popular flies in Montana, and once you have completed your fly it's yours to take!


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