Print & Clay

Print & Clay is a line of pop-culture themed ceramic objects- mugs, travel cups, yarn bowls and more- created to bring the joy of your favorite shows, movies, and memes into your every day life. Each piece is slip-cast white earthenware from plaster molds, which makes them affordable and consistent, then hand printed and glazed by the artist in her studio and fired to over 1800º to make them food-safe. Each design is created by the artist with pen, ink, and letterpress, then turned into a print via Photoshop and the magic of science (photo-sensitive polymer acrylic) to create a “stamp”. Ceramic ink is used to print the stamps onto the bisque pieces, each one leaving a slightly distinct print that is the undeniable mark of hand-made art. No slap and stick decals here, boys and girls and gender-neutral loves, just nostalgia, puns, and a whole lot of good times.


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