Nicolaris Studio

I am just a wannabe space ranger with a penchant for making things from watercolor and a splash of stardust. With a head too far in the clouds to claim to be "from" any earthly point, my Ground Control currently resides in Billings, MT. Much of my inspiration comes from the Big Sky above us as well as semi-obscure sci-fi movies.
I take my watercolors to a little different place than the soft and delicate aesthetic they tend to be. It only feels right to give space its familiar deep, dark blacks, bright whites in the stars, and every other color in the galaxies. I recently started experimenting with watercolor on wood (minus the space dust) ranging from miniature-sized magnets to large moon phase barn wood boards and way too many wood jokes. Whatever you see when you look up (and beyond) that's what I want to paint.


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