Manning Farms LLC

I create Goat Milk soaps and cremes. My soaps and cremes are designed to help people with dry, irritated skin. My line of charcoal soaps help clean, balance and detox your skin. The calcium bentonite clay soaps cleanse, tighten pores and help skin with acne by drying oily areas yet balancing the rest of the face. The exfoliant is designed to help exfoliate elbows, feet, and areas where there is a build up of dead dry skin, leaving your skin feeling clean and free of the build up. The soaps that contain Myrrh and Frankincense are designed to aid in healing skin problems. All other soaps are designed with protecting, softening and balancing your skin.
The cremes were created to help my hands and feet from cracking and bleeding in the winter and from drying out in the summer wearing leather work gloves. And it works.


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