Madwoman Sewing

As a ten-year-old farm kid, I was introduced to a sewing machine. Under the tutelage of some very fine 4-H leaders, I began making clothes. After a decade of fairs, I had a firm understanding of the craft. It has been an interesting journey, this sewing skill of mine. I've been dubbed the "madwoman sewing" because one never knows what angle I'll take when creating new products; however, there is one aspect of my work that I have adhered to since the beginning...I like to recreate things. My current skirt collection involves selecting and disassembling gently used tee-shirts, combining imagination and color blends, and adding quirky embellishments. It involves not only the sewing skills, but art design elements.  When my dad handed me a pair of Levis to mend, as a teenager with enough sewing skills to be dangerous, he never envisioned the rick-rack trim around his back pockets.

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