local knits

Local Knits is a small handcrafted apparel and headwear brand, primarily focusing on handmade headwear. We also offer a variety of other products, including leather goods and caps to be worn in warmer weather. In addition to headwear, I also offer hoodies and tee shirts that are sewn or printed in house.

The production of knit wear starts simply with a ball of yarn. All knits are created in house using a loom to assist with the efficiency and consistency of each piece. All leatherwork and leather goods start with a full or half hide, sourced locally. From there it is dyed, conditioned, branded and cut to whatever specifications needed. Sewing and printing on all the tees/hoodies is done in house as well. I offer no products that are simply bought and resold. All of our products are unique and one of a kind.


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