LizE Designs ArtScapes

Liz Harter, LizE Designs Artscapes. Recycled Assemblage and Mixed Media Artist. At the heart of my work, is my attraction to chaos with a passion to create accord; the desire to find the fit of the pieces and discover the whole from the parts; and recognizing that reclaimed objects are enriched by evidence of their history. My process for creating is intuitive, and much like life, the outcome is unpredictable. A single "found item", word or phrase gives birth to an idea. The unexpected happens, chaotic impressions are evoked and begin to blend. Pouring through bins of treasured "supplies", imagery emerges. Radio parts become a doll; An antique charm turns into a fairy tale; Papers, lace and rust grow into a collaged story of representative art; Diverse elements merge with diverse beliefs and become a fanciful reality. I perceive my work as "alchemy" and I Invite you into IMAGINATION!


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