Koselig Design

Rich in Northern Scandinavian Sami tradition, this is a rare heirloom quality art. These beautiful pieces are comprised of high quality reindeer leather, reindeer shed antler button, and a hand-braided alloy of pewter and silver. All supplies used in the creation of Koselig Design jewelry are sourced from a small village in Northern Sweden and created locally in Montana. Bracelets take anywhere from 5-20 hours to make, depending on design and size. The Norwegian word “Koselig” (Koos-uh-Lee) communicates an innate sense of friendship, community, and warmth. Even in the bitter cold of winter, koselig can be found in a roaring fire, coffee with an old friend, a leisurely family dinner, or a soft Koselig Design reindeer leather bracelet on your wrist. The artist, Grete Homer, creates each piece with this philosophy at heart. These bracelets are meant to give you a feeling of rich tradition, family connection, and unique beauty.


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