Infinite Blue Montana

Infinite Blue Montana evolved out of a love for the color BLUE.  Over thirty years ago Maribeth learned about indigo shibori in Japan, appreciating the magic in its serendipitous designs, it’s unfolding blues and pure aesthetic delight. 

Shibori is an ancient Japanese method of dyeing fabric that captures color, creating distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs. Shibori works in harmony with different fabrics, combining techniques to create an infinite variety of textures and patterns.   

Maribeth and Diana are enthralled by this process which they experience as magical alchemy, combining their designs with indigo, oxygen and water’s natural flow.  These elements co-create ethereal patterns reminiscent of clouds floating by, ripples on a stream and the beauty of nature.   

“…An element of the unexpected is always present. … Chance and accident also give life to the shibori process, and this contributes to its special magic and strongest appeal.”- Master Katano Motohiko 


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