fildi design

FILDIdesign products come from mornings on the river, nights by the fire, and a wee bit of work in between.

I am a native Missoulian, growing to enjoy nature and the outdoors, finding fulfillment in Sunday drives on dirt roads, harvesting huckleberries, and always leaving it better than I found it.

I love digging in the dirt, both literally in the garden, and metaphorically as I use the transformative jewelry making process to meditate while making beautiful forms. I think of myself as an alchemist, using various chemicals to patina the metals with which I work to imbue in them the feeling of being handed down over many generations while keeping a modern design sensibility.

The apparel and stickers I design are fueled by love and laughter. Edgy, a touch snarky, my designs always create smiles. I empower the change I want to see by keeping production local and consistent.


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