Antler Hair Claw

Carved from a deer antlers foraged in the forest. Hand-carved images and designs inlaid with turquoise and lapis stones and sanded with many different grits for a smooth finish. 

Polished with wax to help protect the claw from water; Antlers are not 100% waterproof as the pores in the antlers will soak up water and become rough.  Water is not going to ruin the claw (unless you boil it for a couple of hours) but it might cause the insides to feel a little rough.  If that happens you can take a fingernail file or a piece of sandpaper (120-600 grit) and smooth down those rough edges in no time. 

Woodcraft artistry with a healthy dose of nature. Nature's Hair Claws conjures unique one-of-a-kind hair accessories from local & exotic woods, and recovered antlers/horns. Green Energy friendly, made with 100% solar off-grid power. Eli makes all of the hair forks herself - no sweatshops, no manufacturing companies, no employees, no 3-d printers and absolutely no stress!!! 

Nature's Hair Claws // TUTORIALS

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