White Bear Moccasins

My name is Shauna White Bear, I'm from the Arikara tribe out of North Dakota. About two years ago, I started to work at a Cobbler/Leather shop in Bozeman, MT.That's where I taught myself how to make moccasins. The shop had this beautiful piece of Buffalo hide. Full of grainy texture. It inspired me to make my first pair of Moccasins with it. I continue to use Buffalo hide, because it's 5x stronger than cowhide. Deerskin, elk skin and lambskin are used for fringe or lining. There are seven different color Buffalo hides available starting at 4oz-8oz thickness. I only do custom made to order. I work individually with the customer to customize a moccasin to fit their unique style. I start with getting an outline of each feet. From there, we choose style & color & sole options.


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