Free Cycles Missoula

Free Cycles Missoula is a leader in the community bicycling movement. We formed in 1996 to reduce air pollution by re-purposing unused bicycles. Over time, three core programs have emerged: Open Shop, Build A Bike, and Bike Well Education. Open Shop has brought 200,000 people through our doors to learn how to fix and build bicycles. Over 18,000 free bikes have been earned, built, and ridden away by people seeking a pedaling lifestyle. Approximately 600 tons of material have been diverted from scrap into workable forms of transportation. BikeWell classes have provided 5,000 participants with safety and maintenance skills. Our services are donation based and available to people of all ages, identities, ethnicities, abilities, and income levels.

ACTIVITY // How to patch a bicycle tube and how to oil a chain. We may come up with an interactive game of bicycle part chess as well.


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