BJK Jewelry

Metalsmith and torch-fired enamelist , Bonnie jo Kyles , lives in the foothills near Ennis,MT. She hand fabricates 7 different metals and sifts or paints on enamels to create unpretentious designs with impeccable workmanship. Some pieces are created using metalsmithing techniques such as hammering, chasing, embossing or etching .Stones are added to add interest and color to a piece.Some of the enameling techniques Bonnie jo uses are: sgrafitto, separation, immersion, wet packing, liquid painting, stenciling and crackling.There may be as many as 8 layers of enamel on a piece (sometimes even more than 8) and each layer is sifted or painted on, then fired with a torch. Many enamelists use a kiln for firing but she uses a torch. Due to passion and perseverance Bonnie jo's art is continually evolving.


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