2 Prong Hair Claw

Woodcraft artistry with a healthy dose of nature. Nature's Hair Claws conjures unique one-of-a-kind hair accessories from local & exotic woods, and recovered antlers/horns. Green Energy friendly, made with 100% solar off-grid power. 

These 2 prong carved wood hairclaws are 4"- 6" long and work great for most hair types. You can also use this as a shawl closure! All of the hairclaws have slight curves to ensure that they will not slide out at those inopportune moments. All of the wooden hair claws are treated with mineral oil and we recommend rubbing mineral oil (or an oil of your choice) on this claw once every 6 months or whenever it looks dry. Eli makes all of the hair forks herself - no sweatshops, no manufacturing companies, no employees, no 3-d printers and absolutely no stress!!! 

The actual hairclaw may vary slightly from the image shown due to the nature of the wood.

Nature's Hair Claws // TUTORIALS

Red Long
Red Short
Light Wood
Medium Wood
Dark Wood Short
Red & Green
Black Long
Black Short

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