Compass Moon Creations

It all started as a young girl, being introduced to a knitting tower. Hours spent wrapping yarn and string around and around those little nails on the top of a wooden spool. From there, falling in love with the colors and textures in both textiles and fiber became part of the fabric of who I am.

During my first year of marriage, I was inspired to make a knitted scarf for my husband to brave our first frigid winter after a move to Northern Minnesota. Aaahhh, the in and out shape of that scarf (because my tension was so bad!), and more discouraging, the ITCHINESS of the yarn that the salesladies sold me in the yarn store! This was the point I was catapulted forward in my hunger to combine my love of colors, fiber, and textiles, with my new found love of yarn.....and to find softer yarn!

Over the years, my love has progressed through learning to weave, knit, and crochet. During our time in upstate New York, I was introduced to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, and there I found my teacher who sat me down in front of my first spinning wheel, handed me roving, and guided my hands.

7 years later, thousands of skeins hand-dyed and hand-spun, I never tire of my quest to produce the softest, most vibrant yarn that I can.

Now living in Northern Idaho, I source from as many local farms as I can in the Inland Pacific Northwest. I am the gal that sees sheep, alpaca, and fiber goats in the field and I pull in the driveway to make friends with the farmer! I start with raw fleece directly shorn off the animal. I handpick the fleece and then wash it. Then I blend my fibers together to produce that softness that I am always looking for. Now it is time to thrust it into a piece of *special*.

As in all of our creative hearts, my love doesn't stop at the yarn. Beautiful felted creations. Handmade spinning, weaving, and felting supplies. Bags and jewelry. Knitting needles. Items that you walk by and that make you stop because they are calling to you to touch them...cozy up in....wrap around yourself....or lighten your mood."


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