Fill the first page with a favorite or original love poem, and this thoughtful gift is ready to be the perfect valentine or anniversary gift.

  • Wooden Refillable Journal
  • Raven Sticker
  • Raven Greeting Card
  • Micron Pen

Just My Type Large Wood Write Journal
This unique, hand-bound 5.5" x 8.5" journal features blank pages and is crafted from upcycled wood paneling, Refill with Moleskin Cahier, or a similar, soft-bound notebook.  Accompanying the journal is a Micron Pen, archival-quality, and one of the most reliable fine-line pens for over 30 years. Size 02 .30 mm line.

Brittany Finch Raven Study Sticker
This 3"x3" die-cut sticker is coated in durable vinyl that protects your art from scratching, rain & sunlight. Raven is surrounded by its feathers, skull, food source, egg, and footprint.

Barbara Schelling Reigning Raven Greeting Card
Whether the message is inspiring, sentimental, or funny, your words and Barbara Schelling's art are sure to brighten someone's day.


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